Koskisen Group05.09.2016

Committed to Wood – now and in future

Koskisen Group's newsletters and magazines over the years.

Koskisen Group's newsletters and magazines over the years.

Koskisen Group's news site is now called Committed to Wood.

Koskisen’s news site now goes by the name Committed to Wood. The change was made in order to give Koskisen Group’s online magazine, the former World of Wood, a name that more closely characterises the people here at Koskisen. And what describes us better than Committed to Wood? It applies to everything we do, from the forest to the customer’s end product.

We have been sharing news about Koskisen for decades now. The first official Koskisen magazines were typed up on a typewriter and duplicated using the photocopiers of the day. They were distributed to the company’s staff. At the end of the 1970s, the magazine was given the name Wood Professionals, and the target group was still strongly the company’s own personnel.

In 2010 we were in a situation where the Koskisen Group was printing several magazines for different target groups. Eventually, Wood Professionals, Koskimetsä and Herralan Posti were consolidated into a single magazine – World of Wood. From the outset, the goal of the online magazine was to offer readers, i.e. Koskisen’s personnel, customers and stakeholders alike, the latest news about Koskisen, as well as expert information about wood procurement, further processing and application areas.

Our news site receives close to 2,000 visitors from around the world every month. Among the most popular stories are current events at Koskisen, customer presentations and forest management.

We are proud to share our Commitment to Wood with you. Our customers and employees are at the heart of our Strategy 2020, and our commitment also strongly includes these themes. We are confident about our commitment to wood, now and in future.

Minna Luomalahti
Marketing Manager
Koskisen Group