Koskisen Group12.04.2017

Committed to sustainability

Committed to environment, employees and our customers and partners

We have informed about our sustainability issues since 2015 on our sustainability platform, commitment.koskisen.fi.  We have been spending some time lately changing the structure of the pages to a more user-friendly form.

The platform provides more detailed and partly also new information on sustainability issues for those who find the topics of greater interest. The platform is designed by company Versoglobe utilizing the framework of internationally known reporting standard GRI and the contents of ISO 26000 sustainability standard.

Eva Wathén, Director, Responsibility at Koskisen

Eva Wathén, Director, Responsibility at Koskisen

We at Koskisen see corporate values as the core for sustainable operations. Our values are based on our long history, our attitude to work and our way of working with all stakeholders. We want to be the trustworthy, a reliable partner with a face. Our operations are guided by the long-term thinking characteristic of family companies.

You are welcome to have a look at the new contents.

Sustainable wishes,

Eva Wathén
Director, Responsibility