Koskisen Group19.05.2016

Committed to responsibility

Koskisen Group’s Corporate Responsibility Report for 2015 has been completed

Koskisen Group’s Corporate Responsibility Report for 2015 has been completed. The report sums up the most significant issues of the year from the perspective of corporate responsibility. 

Read report here.

The report starts with Managing Director Markku Koskinen’s account of the Group’s major events and business development in 2015.

Our CSR report focusses on our three chosen themes:

  • Meaningful work
  • Fair partnerships
  • A healthy environment

Each theme has been given a two-page spread that contains a ‘snapshot’ of where things stand. Our accounts are complemented by graphs, tables and anecdotes. The report also contains a simplified description of our tax footprint and our circular economy. We wanted to describe the flow of materials in our mills, and the example illustration shows the material flows at our plywood and chipboard mill.

The report offers a taste of our corporate responsibility. If you would like more information about our corporate responsibility, please visit our website dedicated to the topic, commitment.koskisen.fi, which has also recently been revamped.

We welcome all feedback and ideas on how we can improve our corporate responsibility! 

Committed to responsibility, 

Eva Wathén
Director, Responsibility and Brand
Third generation owner