Koskisen Group13.04.2015

Bioenergy from mill by-products

Biofuel in Koskitukki's stock

Biofuel in Koskitukki's stock

The Koskisen Group’s wood procurement company Koskitukki Oy purchases approximately 1.8 million cubic metres of wood annually. Most of that wood is delivered to Koskisen’s own mills, where it is processed into plywood, veneer, sawn timber and chipboard. Koskitukki is also one of the biggest biofuel suppliers in southern Finland, where it supplies wood-based fuels to several power and heating plants.

Biofuel is produced from mill by-products, such as bark from the sawmill and plywood mill; the bark is removed before the logs are processed at the mills. In addition, biofuel is processed from branches, stumps and wood that is unsuitable for commercial use acquired from forest owners.

One of Koskitukki’s most important customers is Lahti Energia Oy, which has invested in a new biofuel-fired process heat plant with a steam output of 13 MW. The heating plant will generate process heat and steam for Polttimo Oy’s production plants. Lahti Energia will replace natural gas, a fossil fuel, with a volume of wood-based fuel corresponding to more than 10,000 tonnes of oil. The wood-based fuel will be procured from forests and wood-processing companies in southern Finland. 

The heating plant is based on rotating grate technology. Koskisen has a similar heating plant in Järvelä, which means Koskitukki is no stranger to these types of fuel deliveries.