Koskisen Group05.05.2015

A spring week at Koskisen

Markku Koskinen, Managing Director

Markku Koskinen, Managing Director

We are commited to wood, week after week. In fact, many things can take place in a single week. The roots of our entire process are in the woods and in silviculture. In Finland, we sell up to 200,000 samplings per week in the high season of spring. Half of these are planted by forest owners, and we take care of planting the other half.

We buy some 40,000 cubic metres of wood per week. That equals a pile of logs that is four metres high and five kilometres long, or 800 lorry loads. Half of this we use to produce high-quality wood products, while the other half is sold to the chemical forest industry as raw material or is incinerated for the needs of industry or district heat production.

We work a total of 40,000 hours per week. Taking into account our suppliers, sub-contractors and other parties, we indirectly we provide 200,000 hours of work per week. This represents roughly 1,000 man-days a week. Our direct and indirect employment effect is 5,000 man-years, i.e. one per mil of the Finnish population and more than two per mil of the country’s workforce.

In average, we have one accident per week. To prevent accidents, our efforts are increasingly focussed on safety work, training, changing attitudes and developing our operations. Our target is to have less than one accident per month.

It takes us one week to produce 2,000 kilometres of sawn timber, twice the distance from the southernmost point of Finland to the northernmost point. We also produce two million square metres, or 200 hectares, of veneer, which equals the size of nearly 300 football fields.

Our weekly net sales generation amounts on average to five million euros, i.e. to 5,000 euros per every Koskisen's employee. Of this total, two million euros are generated in our main operational area as stumpage and through harvesting and transport contracts. Our weekly payroll amounts to around one million euros, most of which goes to our neighbouring areas in Päijät-Häme and Hirvensalmi. 

Markku Koskinen
Managing Director