Koskisen Group09.01.2012

Wind of change

Markku Koskinen Chairman of the Koskisen Director's Board

Markku Koskinen Chairman of the Koskisen Director's Board

Koskisen’s financial statements for 2011 are just being wrapped up and the new year is in full swing. The company’s corporate administration has undergone major changes and, at the same time, our external challenges have increased.

Since 2007, export companies have faced serious challenges, especially with the decrease in global demand. Fortunately, our efforts are producing results and the global outlook has improved.

Traditional family businesses cannot simply rest on the laurels of traditional ways of operating. In business operations, adaptation and growth are essential for survival. Successful change requires the willingness of the organisation. Change that is forced will not succeed; the organisation must be on board with the change and be able to influence it.

Often during change, established and positive elements, which change should be based on, are forgotten. When that happens, the positive elements are lost and the problems remain unresolved. The Finnish Government’s municipal reform plan is a good example of change that will not resolve the issue at hand, i.e. rising costs. Rising costs, for example in health care, are in no way related to the size of municipalities.

This pressure to change affects all of us, even on a personal level. In late autumn it was wonderful to see how many people succeeded in quitting smoking. Finns cannot be coerced into changing. Positive changes at the individual level are only possible when the person’s will to change is strong enough. I do not believe that the growing health extremism will bring about positive change. For me, quitting smoking was also the result of a promise I had made to myself that I would no longer smoke once I turned 50. This also resulted in personal growth – unfortunately not just at the spiritual level. Well, it’s nice that there is an abundance of positive challenges at both the community and personal level. I wish you all the best of luck in our positive challenges of change.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who remembered my milestone birthday. It was joyfully humbling to receive so many warm messages of congratulations. Thank you.

Markku Koskinen
Chairman of the Koskisen Director's Board