Koskisen Group14.01.2013

Renewing the Herrala brand

The front page of Herrala's new web site

The front page of Herrala's new web site

Herrala dropped the word ‘talot’, Finnish for houses, from the end of its name and brightened up its visual image. The detached-house prefabricator promises even more comprehensive service to make it easier for customers to create the house of their life.

Herrala’s uncluttered and fresh image is visible in the logo and the new website, which makes it easier than ever for anyone thinking about building a house to find all the information they need to realise their dream home.

“We wanted to depart from the simple house catalogue concept, where you just have the floor plan of the finished house as the starting point. Our service concept, ‘House of your life in 300 minutes’, starts out from the needs and background of the customer. The better we can outline the builder’s needs, the easier we can proceed with the design,” says Juha Kohonen, Director of Koskisen Houses.

According to Kohonen, an individually designed home does not have to be more expensive than a standard blueprint picked out of a catalogue, thanks to flexible production and excellent design know-how.

“Herrala house models are designed by our experienced in-house architects and represent the best of the industry both in terms of spatial lay-out and aesthetics. We have excellent solutions for all building needs,” he says.

Four steps to the house of your life

With its nearly 40 year history in the industry, Herrala is one of Finland’s most experienced house prefabricators. Basing on this expertise, the new service concept pledges to offer an easy and uncomplicated construction process. The service consists of four clear stages, each of which takes the project one step closer the home of your dreams. Herrala’s representative offers the builder support and assistance at every stage of the process.

The first stage outlines the builder’s needs, requests and the budget, as well as the requirements set by the building lot; it also provides an overview of the house models and involves brainstorming together. In the second stage, the builder is presented with the suggested house models and makes his or her selection. The third stage provides a more detailed design, including a suggested floor plan, exterior elevations and a precise cost estimate. At this stage the contract is signed. The fourth and last meeting involves going over the order confirmation again and establishing a detailed project schedule.

The final result can be anything from a blueprint to be completed entirely by the customer to a turnkey delivery.

“A home is more than the sum of its parts – its emotional value cannot be measured in monetary terms. The purpose of our new service concept is to make sure that anyone making the biggest investment of their life gets the exact home that they want,” concludes Kohonen.