Koskisen Group10.02.2014

Putting our ‘chips’ in the game

Director of Chipboard Industry, Markku Lähteenmäki

Director of Chipboard Industry, Markku Lähteenmäki

Koskisen chipboard mill's development in 2013 was divided: The first months at the chipboard mill were brisk, but as summer approached, demand began to slow, and autumn took on a more subdued character, similar to that of the previous year.

We have started 2014 on a somewhat more positive note. Although official statistics suggest that the economic downturn seen in Finland has not yet subsided, at least some of our customers have slightly brighter expectations for the future. No one, however, is looking too far into the future, and some furniture manufacturers are working shorter weeks. Koskisen’s chipboard mill has not budgeted for peak production figures in 2014, and we are taking advantage of this quiet period to hone our processes.

At the chipboard mill, basic board line 2 will be modernised in conjunction with the scheduled summer downtime. The upgrade has been planned thoroughly and for a long time. In connection with the project, the line’s press and chipboard gluing machines, which have already reached the end of their technical lifetime, will be modernised. The investment in itself will not boost the line’s capacity, but it will ensure the continuation of chipboard production at Järvelä. At the same time, quality control of the basic board will improve, which will enhance the quality of the coated boards. The thickness range of board blanks to be coated will also increase to between 6 and 40 mm.

We are ensuring our service availability during installation by increasing our stock in dry storage facilities. In addition, we are minimising the production downtime of our other basic board line, which will offset the longer production break of the line being modernised.

Erection work in the modernisation project will begin at the start of summer, and 80% capacity will be achieved by mid-August. Further processing (coating, sawing, edge banding) of the chipboard will undergo the normal summer downtime, and production will otherwise be carried out as usual. Dispatch will be working throughout the summer.

Although by European standards our chipboard unit is not large, our product range, with all its speciality products and thickness and dimensional variations, is possibly the most extensive in Europe at one mill. Through investments and other development measures, we are achieving even more consistent and higher-quality products, and we are ensuring our competitive position for the future, too.

We want to serve our customers for years to come – with an ever-improved and broader product range.

Markku Lähteenmäki
Director of Chipboard Industry