Koskisen Group10.06.2013

Plywood Strategy

Juha Jalkanen, Director of Plywood Industry

Juha Jalkanen, Director of Plywood Industry.

The core of our Plywood strategy is customer focus. We always want to find the best solution to fits our customer’s processes. This solution must support our customer’s business and keep their customers satisfied.


Koskisen is well known for quality products and it’s capabilities in developing new products. For Koskisen quality is not only a matter of technical quality. – It also includes providing a fast response to our customer’s questions and ensuring both accurate deliveries and flexibility.

Flexibility means the capability to make quick changes to our production or indeed the readiness to create a whole new product meet our customer’s requirements.

We constantly develop new products. For example our new Decorative product solutions have been greatly appreciated amongst our customers. A wide choice of colour- and coating options combined with the technical quality of plywood give designers endless opportunities. The variety of possible end uses range from small accessories and furnitures all the way up to massive public interior design projects.

Market Situation

Birch Plywood’s main market is Europe where the economic outlook is insecure. Growth has been minimal and it will probably continue this manner. Germany, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia have remained relatively strong but they cannot drive growth across the whole of Europe. We have seen some small glimmers of light in Southern Europe but it is definitely still in recession together with Benelux, France and Finland.

The US and Asian economies have on the whole been stronger although their history utilising birch plywood has not been that strong. This has however helped to balance the whole market. While for example the US is huge market for Russian Plywood the turnover outside of Europe has become more important for Koskisen Plywood industry. We see this growth as continuing in the coming years.

Our order book is strong. We are able to run at high capacity and our profitability has improved, we expect this to continue in 2014.

Yours sincerely,

Juha Jalkanen
Director of Plywood Industry