Koskisen Group15.09.2014

Only change is permanent

Jussi Joensuu, Director, Wood Supply and Bioenergy

Jussi Joensuu, Director, Wood Supply and Bioenergy 

Koskitukki has gained momentum over the past two years, with raw material delivery volumes rising to close to two million cubic metres. The ramp-up of capacity at Koskisen’s mills, the expansion of the wood procurement area and bioenergy as a new business have brought about a continuous series of changes, which Koskitukki’s procurement organisation has handled very well.

The ramp-up of capacity at the Järvelä sawmill, the leasing of Kissakoski’s operations to Koskisen in 2013 and the increase in plywood production have significantly increased Koskitukki’s delivery volumes.

“In addition to rising wood raw material delivery volumes, we have also been busy learning how to manage a new product, after having acquired small-diameter square timber for Kissakoski,” says Koskitukki’s Chief Forester, Jussi Joensuu.
“The ramp-up of production at Järvelä has been a success, but in terms of wood supply, we need to be able to make controlled moves throughout the year. It is not enough to just operate the machinery at full speed.”

The birch used by the plywood mill mainly comes from Finnish forests, but during the past year, some Russian birch has also been imported to support the increase in plywood production.

“The reliability of the logistics system in place for wood imports from Russia has improved, and this year has been very much as expected,” says Joensuu.
“For the Sheksna production unit in Russia, the current year has been marked by an increase in logging volumes in its own leased forests, from where the wood is mainly channeled to the Sheksna production unit.“

The share of bioenergy in Koskitukki’s net sales has shown an upward trend for many years in a row. Customer relationships are based on good partnership, and the quality of the product and the supply chain have been developed in close co-operation with customers.

“I guess that last year we were the only significant player to have increased its deliveries of bioenergy despite a warm winter, cheap coal and a slight over-supply of biofuel,” says Joensuu, describing the bioenergy business.

The wood volumes delivered by Koskitukki per person have increased in line with the increase in wood procurement, which has boosted operations nicely. The expansion of operations has naturally been accompanied by some growing pains, but they are mostly a thing of the past and better times lay ahead.

“We have staffed up our customer service team, but on the other hand, the number of office staff has decreased,” says Joensuu, shedding some light over the situation within the organisation.

In the coming years, Koskitukki will face a series of challenges ranging from wood supply to the reform of the forest system. The new forest system will make it possible to manage wood trade and the journey of a log all the way through from the sales transaction to the log yard. It looks like the winds of change will continue to blow in future too.