Koskisen Group11.06.2012

More than 80 per cent of customers recommend Koskisen!


Koskisen’s customer satisfaction survey was completed in February of this year. Almost 300 surveys were received out of the total number sent out to panel and sawmill industry customers. According to the survey results, more than 80 per cent of customers had already recommended or could see themselves recommending the company to a third party.

All in all the company’s operations were assessed as being on a good level. The aim of the customer survey conducted in February 2012 was to find out the level of customer satisfaction among Koskisen’s customers and to provide information for further developing the company.

Innolink Oy conducted the survey in the form of an internet questionnaire. The survey targeted panel and sawmill customers. Nearly 300 customers took part in the survey. The survey comprehensively covered the following customer groups: construction industry, joinery industry, transport vehicle industry, die cutting industry and trade. The survey was also divided evenly among Koskisen’s various units.

Geographically the largest number of surveys were sent in by Finland, France, Spain, Germany and Sweden.

Recommended by most

More than 41 per cent of respondents had already recommended Koskisen and another 40 per cent were prepared to recommend the company to a third party if asked.

Based on the survey material, customers value most highly Koskisen’s ability to keep its promises, its delivery reliability, the consistent quality of its products, their price-quality ratio and delivery speed. Also the surface quality and dimensional precision of Koskisen’s products were rated good. '

There were, of course, some areas which need developing.

- We received some good development suggestions from customers, including some relating to the ease of purchasing. We have already taken up these suggestions, and development measures are under way, Heikki Kiesilä, Koskisen’s Sales Development Manager, assures us.