Koskisen Group16.02.2015

Koskisen’s customer satisfaction survey results

Customers consider Koskisen to be a reliable partner

Customers consider Koskisen to be a reliable partner

Koskisen’s sawmill, plywood, chipboard and birch products customers around the world were polled in a customer satisfaction survey carried out in December last year. More than 300 customers covering six languages (Finnish, English, German, French, Polish and Spanish) participated in the survey. Most of the feedback was good, but some areas are still in need of development.

The survey took the form of an online questionnaire and it was carried out by Koskisen itself. Customers were openly asked whether their responses could be shared with the salesperson who handles their account. The feedback from those who granted their consent is currently being processed by the salespeople, and we believe this is a genuine way to listen to the customer.

Reliable and long-term partnerships

Among those who responded to the questionnaire, 72% have been our customer for more than six years, and more than half for more than ten years. Long-term customer relationships are a matter of honour for us, and as a 105-year-old family company, we want to continue in the same spirit.

For the most part, our customers consider us to be a reliable partner. On a scale of 1 to 5, we scored a 4; collaboration with us was considered smooth, easy and reliable. Naturally we received many good suggestions for improving our operations, and we will try to respond to those suggestions as well as we can.

Most respondents considered emails and face-to-face meetings the best way to receive information. According to the survey, our website is used surprisingly seldom as a source of information.

A lot of open-ended feedback

In the open-ended feedback part of the questionnaire, we asked about possible changes in our customers’ business operations, about the areas where Koskisen has succeeded, and we asked for suggestions on how to improve our products and operations. We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on our quality, service, expertise, flexibility and Finnish character, whereas areas in need of development were the long delivery times for certain products, the size of delivery batches, the range of products in stock, and the eco-friendliness of the products.

Koskisen received a good grade in comparison with other Finnish suppliers, so we are at the top of our game among a tough group of competitors. For the first time, our questionnaire included the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question, where the customer is asked to respond to the following question on a scale of one to ten: “How likely is it that you would recommend Koskisen to a friend or colleague?” At the Group-level, our NPS score was 37, whereas our goal is attain a level of 50.

Thank you, dear customers, for your valuable feedback, which will enable us to develop our products and services to meet your needs even better.