Koskisen Group20.12.2012

Koskisen to boost performance – owners return to the helm

Kari Koskinen, Eva Paksuniemi ja Markku Koskinen

Kari Koskinen, Eva Paksuniemi ja Markku Koskinen

In August, Koskisen initiated new efforts to boost performance and, at the same time, made changes to the top management. Koskisen’s Board of Directors chose Markku Koskinen as the new Managing Director as of 27 August 2012. In addition, the main owners decided that Kari Koskinen would be made Chairman of the Board and that former Chairman Eva Paksuniemi would become a member of the Board.

Markku Koskinen, who has been at the helm as Managing Director for three months now, says that positive changes don’t just spring up spontaneously. With the declining profitability of the company, its owners decided to take the bull by the horns and return to their roots – to head the family company.

“Making changes, whether in the Eurozone, in Finland or at Koskisen, is inevitable in order to guarantee future operations and competitiveness. We wanted to return to the proven, profit centre-oriented model. The model enables us to implement our customer-oriented values – flexibility, speed and agility – in everything from production all the way to deliveries,” says Koskinen.

Strategy into practice

In connection with the changes implemented in the corporate structure, Markku Lähteenmäki will take over the role of Director for the chipboard mill and birch products. Juha Jalkanen will continue as the Director responsible for profit and loss for the plywood mill. The arrangements are intended to boost sales, production efficiency and their consolidation within all of the company’s operations.

Tommi Sneck will continue as the Director for Koskisen Timber, Juha Kohonen as the Director for Koskisen’s House Industry and Jussi Joensuu as the Director for the wood procurement company Koskitukki.

Kari Koskinen will function as the Chairman of Koskisen’s Board of Directors and, together with Markku, will be responsible for cascading the new strategy within the company.

“Our goal is for each employee to understand what their role within the strategy is and to ensure that it is also reflected in the actions of their supervisors. This effort requires the input of each and every person at Koskisen,” stresses Kari Koskinen.

Setting our sights on the future

According to Markku and Kari Koskinen, the company’s management still sees the future as bright despite the difficult times.

“In addition to increasing the efficiency of operations, we are carrying out continuous R&D work and searching for new market areas. Wood construction is increasing, as is the demand for energy wood. Our product development team has created numerous novel products that are awaiting commercialisation. Once the markets begin to bounce back we will be one hundred per cent ready to meet their demand,” affirm Kari and Markku Koskinen.