Koskisen Group10.06.2013

Koskisen reinforces its domestic sales team

Ari Elovaara, domestic sales manager for Koskisen Timber Industry

Ari Elovaara, domestic sales manager for Koskisen Timber Industry

Koskisen is placing greater emphasis on customer service and is building its rapport with customers. The company’s sales in Finland are being reinforced in the areas of sawn, plywood, chipboard and birch products, and the change will be visible to customers in the form of increased field activity and improved customer service.

In response to feedback from the field, Koskisen’s goal is to place particular emphasis on face-to-face sales activities. With this renewed focus, sales personnel will be more present in the field, listening to customers and finding solutions to their needs. The initial comments received from domestic customers about the increased field work have been very positive:

“Matters are not handled only by email or over the phone now. Meeting customers one-on-one in the field makes it easier to find solutions to their problems,” says Sales Manager of Board Industry Jari Laine.

Koskisen’s new sales staff for Finland

Ari Elovaara steps into the role of domestic sales manager for Koskisen Timber Industry in November. Ari’s long experience in timber trade and sawmills will bring strong competence to Koskisen’s timber trade operations. Ari will work alongside Jorma Metsola in domestic sales, focusing particularly on customer service and field work. He will report to the Director of Koskisen Timber Industry, Tommi Sneck.

Mika Reini, a graduate of the degree programme in mechanical and production engineering, has started as sales manager for Koskisen’s domestic plywood and chipboard products. Mika has worked at Koskisen since 2004, in recent years being in charge of plywood storage sales.

At the end of October, Anita Liimatainen started as Koskisen plywood storage salesperson. A recent graduate of the wood technology engineering programme and a carpenter, Anita will offer customers a new perspective on the industry. Both Mika and Anita report to Jari Laine, manager of domestic sales of board industry.