Koskisen Group10.12.2013

Koskisen offers fire-resistant sawn timber

From now on Koskisen's sawn timber is fire-resistant.

From now on Koskisen's sawn timber is fire-resistant.

At the end of November, Koskisen became the third sawn timber manufacturer in Finland to be granted fire-retardant certification for its products.

In line with the new certification, Koskisen now manufactures for the Finnish market wood panels and exterior cladding boards that have been treated with a fire-retardant coating.

To ensure its fire resistance, the sawn timber is carefully treated before being delivered to distributors and end users. In order to achieve an end result that meets the requirements, the sawn timber is treated several times with Teknosafe 2407-00, a fire-retardant coating.

Highest possible fire-resistance classification

Teknosafe, by Teknos, is an important element in ensuring the fire resistance of sawn timber. Teknosafe guarantees the highest possible fire class – P1 – for wood products. End-use applications for the fire-resistant products include particularly exterior cladding and ventilation gap surfaces. The protected products are classified according to Bs-1, d0 EN 13501-1.

“The materials used for these purposes must have the highest possible fire class, as they fall under the P1 class for buildings in accordance with E1 safety regulations,” explains Koskisen Timber Project Engineer Argo Vinkman.

Fire-resistant timber benefits the customer

The exterior cladding of apartment buildings and care facility buildings in Finland requires structural fire protection or a separate sprinkler system to prevent the spread of fire. Koskisen’s fire-retardant coating system for wood can replace these methods.

Fire-resistant timber is also a wise choice for other structures, such as rubbish bin storage units and garden sheds, as these are often targets of arson.

“All in all, sawn timber treated with a fire-retardant coating can resist fire for longer than ordinary timber, and furthermore it does not catch on fire very easily. The treated timber is also weatherproof,” says Vesa Saarelainen, Sales Manager for Koskisen Houses, explaining the advantages of fire-protected timber products for the customer.

Timber products that come pre-coated with a fire retardant also mean that no additional work is required from the customer in terms of treating the wood after final installation.