Koskisen Group10.02.2014

Koskisen hires 20 youths to work at its mills

Koskisen wants to invest in the young workers

Koskisen wants to invest in the young workers

Koskisen, known for its apprenticeship training programmes, is about to launch its Koskisen Academy project, which aims to hire 20 young adults to complete a qualification through an apprenticeship.

The programme will begin in spring 2014 and will be carried out under a so-called Youth Guarantee in co-operation with AEL, Finland’s leading human resource development partner and provider of technical training. The Finnish Youth Guarantee extends to individuals under the age of 30 who have not yet completed a qualification.

“At Koskisen Academy, the qualification can be completed while working and earning wages. Not everyone is interested in sitting at a school desk; some learn better by doing,” says Koskisen’s Director of Finance and HR, Tarja Järvinen, about the upcoming programme.

The three-year-long programme results in a process industry further qualification either in the sawmilling or chipboard industry. The Koskisen Group offers interesting and challenging jobs at its mills, paid apprenticeships and the possibility of employment after the training programmes. The current mill working environment in the timber trade demands knowledge of automation and a good understanding of wood products from the customer’s perspective.

With this new programme, the Koskisen Group wants to ensure the availability of professional and skilled personnel in future, too.

“In Finland, training in the timber trade has been systematically stemmed, even though our country still has strong wood-industry companies that need a skilled workforce, now and for years to come. That’s why our focus will also be on training,” explains Markku Koskinen, Koskisen’s Managing Director.

Social responsibility has always been highly valued within the Koskisen family company, and now Koskisen Academy is bearing responsibility for youth by offering the opportunity to complete a qualification while working at the same time.