Koskisen Group06.04.2016

Introducing Heidi Vassalos – new Customer Group Manager, light vehicles

Heidi Vassalos, Customer Group Manager

Heidi Vassalos, Customer Group Manager

Heidi Vassalos has been the new Customer Group Manager for plywood for a few months now. Heidi’s area of responsibility is light vehicles, which includes Koskisen’s plywood solutions for trailers and horse trailers.

Koskisen plywood products offer a number of solutions for light vehicles, with a range of finishes and structures, depending on the end use. One of the customer group manager’s most important tasks is to advise sales staff and customers in selecting the right product for the desired application. For example, there are several options for vehicle floors, such as KoskiRuby, KoskiDeck and KoskiCarat, in addition to the most popular choice, KoskiCrown.

Heidi has a solid background in plywood manufacture, and she knows the production conditions and the people behind the products.

“I started working in plywood production within various work stages of the face veneer department 16 years ago. After that, I worked for several years in plywood gluing department.

“I became shift manager at the plywood mill in the first half of 2005. In spring 2014 I took on the position of department supervisor in the drying, veneer and gluing departments. In January 2016, I started in sales as Customer Group Manager,” says Heidi, detailing her impressive work history.

In her task, Heidi is the direct liaison between the customer and production. She spends her days fielding questions at the sales office and visiting customers. Her goal is to enhance customer service and find new solutions to make customers’ lives easier.

In addition to her work, Heidi is studying for a mechatronics engineering degree from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences. She expects to graduate in 2017.

“There is a lot to learn both at school and here at my new job, but I like to challenge myself, and with the good support of my colleagues I will quickly learn the ins and outs of this new job,” says Heidi.

Heidi is always on the move and plays sports in her spare time – badminton and the gym are a good counterbalance to her busy time at work and studying.