Koskisen Group10.02.2015

Herrala reaches 40-year milestone

Herrala's new model Veeti

Herrala's new model Veeti

August 2015 marks 40 years since the first Herrala house was built. House models and the house construction industry in Finland have developed in leaps and bounds, and Herrala has always been at the forefront of that development.

The history of Herrala dates back to 1962, when Helke Mikkola established the company Aaltopalkki in Hollola. Aaltopalkki, which manufactured gluelam beams, transferred to the ownership of Kemppi after ten years of operations. The first Herrala House was built on the initiative of the then Kemppi Oy Talotehdas company on 20 August 1975.

In the early 1980s, the company was sold to Teknowood Oy and the name was changed officially to Herrala-Talot Oy (Herrala Houses). In 1985, the factory’s operations were transferred from Hollola  to Vierumäki. Koskisen Oy purchased Herrala Houses in 1996, and a year later launched the manufacture of pre-cut houses, alongside prefabricated timber elements.

Herrala houses are delivered in prefabricated timber elements and pre-cut deliveries. The walls of a house built from prefabricated elements are delivered to the construction site in a nearly finished state, whereas in pre-cut deliveries, the wooden components are cut to size and assembled at the construction site.

Following a brand relaunch in 2013, the name Herrala Houses was shortened to Herrala. By 2015, more than 14,000 Herrala houses had already been built.

Herrala’s single-family homes are delivered within Finland.