Koskisen Group11.06.2012

Fighting the tide with large fins

Tarja Järvinen

The past six months have been a challenging period for export-oriented forest sector companies, including Koskisen.

Several of our major export countries have been plunged deep into their financing difficulties, which inevitably affects the development of order books. Trade cycles have become shorter and the optimisation of inventories is the name of the game in any company.

In a challenging market situation, all eyes are on sales: the sales organisation is expected to achieve successes and find new customers through hard work and perseverance. We have enhanced our sales by streamlining our entire organisational structure to better meet the challenges posed by the markets. We have also increased our focus on the development of new products and fine-tuned our entire order-delivery chain to offer greater speed, flexibility and agility. We have achieved a lot and will continue our efforts to improve our competitiveness.

Based on our history of more than 100 years, we know that difficulties have a way of making you stronger. Armed with large fins, we are fighting our way against the tide until it calms down and turns into a babbling brook.

As Midsummer approaches, I would like to wish you all a relaxing and well-deserved holiday, filled with sunshine. Let’s enjoy what summer has to offer!

Tarja Järvinen

Director, Finance and HR
Koskisen Group