Koskisen Group17.11.2015

Committed to responsible operations

Koskisen group is a 100-year old family company, still in the same field of business. Taking care of business in a sustainable manner is committed and responsible business at its best.

Koskisen on omistautunut myös vastuullisuudelle

Responsible thinking comes naturally for family business entrepreneurs.  So naturally that we often forget to tell about our responsibility to wider public.  We woke up to this in 2014 and wanted to improve the way we communicate about responsibility and related issues.

We started by defining the main responsibility themes during autumn 2014. The themes chosen are in the core of our everyday operations.

  • Committed family business
  • Meaningful work
  • Fair partnerships
  • Healthy environment

When the themes were chosen, we realized that information related to them was scattered among many different channels, documents and individuals. In order to make it easier for a newcomer to read about our responsible operations we therefore needed to gather everything into one site. Moreover, we needed a place that supported the ISO responsibility standard 26000 that we took into use in the beginning of 2015.

The information is gathered now in the site: commitment.koskisen.fi/en

The site is built according to the guidelines of ISO 26000 and entails a whole lot of information about our operations around the chosen themes. There is a link to the site from our Finnish and English web pages under the heading “responsibility”. The site is updated whenever there is news related to the themes.  Also the idea is to start communicating around the themes in our magazine “World of Wood” more extensively in the future.

Committed to responsibility

Eva Wathén
Director, CSR & Brand