Interior design07.07.2016

Tisch Eins, the design table made from Koskisen plywood alone

Tisch Eins is a table made from birch plywood by Thobeck

Tisch Eins is a table made from birch plywood by Thobeck

For several years, Koskisen has been continuously developing its products for decorative end-uses. This table, a result of the combination of craftsmanship and design, comes from the German company Thobeck which was founded in 2013 by Thomas Beck and Georg Ackermann GmbH. The table is a great example of how Koskisen decorative plywood, KoskiDecor Transparent, KoskiDecor Eco Transparent and KoskiDecor Laminate, can be used in the design industry. 

Tisch Eins table is made without any screws, tools or glues, only from birch plywood

Tisch Eins table is made without any screws, tools or glues, only from birch plywood

Thomas Beck studied furniture carpentry, art and interior architecture, and is now established in Berlin, where he works as an interior architect and designer. According to him, wood is the most sustainable material of all. "Wood has fantastic and exciting properties and gives nearby endless possibilities – I love wood", he points out. Georg Ackermann GmbH is known to be a creative supplier for carpenters, joiners, shopfitters and trade fair construction companies and is able to offer the latest manufacturing techniques in wood crafting.

Their decision to collaborate came after Thomas Beck wrote an article about his study project -lightweight furniture design- and illustrated his thoughts with a series of lightweight stackable furniture. This led them to develop the first serial production item and to sell it via the company website. The product, Tisch Eins, received a lot of positive reviews and soon started to be sold via different channels. “The table is simply plugged together; the design is a very minimalistic and technologic design”, Thomas states. "Also, the product requires no screws, no glue and no tools to be assembled.  Finnish birch plywood is the only material used."

Table made from Koskisen's birch plywood

According to him, this is a great project for both partners, an exciting experience because of the direct connection between design and craftsmanship in an equal cooperation. "It gives the possibility to emancipate oneself from the large furniture companies and to have real commercial examples of being able to produce, sell and promote well designed furniture within the frame of traditional craftsmanship." 

Regarding the use of Koskisen Plywood, Thomas emphasises the quality and the reliability:  "I chose Koskisen birch plywood for the simple reason that they have high quality plywood, on which we can rely without doubts. Our furniture concept needs to be manufactured with high quality plywood. We have sold a big amount of tables so far and we just had one return of a broken leg part because of a wood defect. One. That is what it is all about. We need to be sure that there are no defects within the board because we bend the leg parts and fix it tensioned. And of course, we immediately replaced the defect leg part to the customer!" 

Last but not least, our investment in the project has been highly appreciated:  "It’s great to work with a partner like Koskisen. We had to try and do a lot of testing but in the end we found solutions and reached the goal. This is what makes a great partnership!" 

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