Interior design15.04.2010

Plywood into sculptures

Designer and sculptress Christina Jekey uses plywood in her art.

Designer and sculptress Christina Jekey uses plywood in her art.

Plywood is a durable, flexible and easily workable material that has inspired just a few artists. We got more closely acquainted with a Belgian artist called Christina Jekey.

Christina Jekey

Belgian designer and sculptress Christina Jekey combines inspiration and functionality in her art: sculpture and furniture rolled into one. She has always wanted to create new things and versatility around her.

“I find it singular to create a sculpture that can be used as a table. You can’t find that anywhere else. Both sculptures and carved furniture are important to me because both are creations.”

At the moment Jekey is happiest when working with plywood, because it is a very familiar material to her.

“I am always happy when I find different shades and interesting grain patterns in plywood. I cut a piece out of thin veneer plywood, then a second one and a third one etc. After that I glue them together and press them into a ‘raw form’. After that I machine the raw board with sandpaper until I have the final form.”

Christina Jekey’s plywood sculptures are usually part of a series or a “family” as she likes to put it.

“Usually I work on several projects at the same time. If I have an idea for a sculpture, I already have an idea for the next sculpture up my sleeve. But that depends on the material; I work on stone projects one at a time.”

You can take a closer look at Christina Jekey’s multiform plywood art

Plywood being used in art.

Plywood being used in art.