Interior design11.06.2012

Luxurious boxes

Elie Bleu is a french company producing luxurious boxes from KoskiPly.Their boxes are standing at almost all the important people's desks all over the planet.

Company was founded in 1976. It was initially located in Paris, but soon they had to move because of the industrial effects in noise and odors for the people living next to them. This problem was finally settled as they moved to an industrial area in 2009, in their brand new building where now the workshop with big windows is just next to the street and people can see what is being done inside the premises.

Elie Bleu has their own shop selling to public in Paris, but they also display in specialized fairs.
They are manufacturing all kinds of high end luxurious boxes, hosting cigars (with moisturing system), jewels, cards, watches, mobile phone, remote controls, .....
Under their own brand, two collections are released every year. Also custom made sets are done frequently to suit their customers' special orders.

They supply the most of the French jewellery makers from Paris, place Vendome.
They also reckon that their boxes are standing at almost all the important peoples' desks all over the planet, even given as gifts by the French presidency.

The design is carried by themselves, unless the customer have its own idea of course.
Koskiply is for them the perfect frame for their boxes since it is very stabile, even when exposed to a constant humidity of something like 70 % in cigar boxes. Strength related to thickness is also a very good factor in favour of KoskiPly as the material used in the cases.

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