Interior design15.04.2010

Koskisen’s plywood products at the Shanghai World Expo

Poland’s pavilion will serve as a concert hall in World Expo 2010 in Shanghai

Poland’s pavilion will serve as a concert hall in World Expo 2010 in Shanghai

The Shanghai World Expo will be held from1st May to 31st October 2010. Koskisen had the pleasure of supplying the plywood for Poland’s pavilion which will serve as a concert hall.

The theme of the Shanghai World Expo is ”Better city, Better Life” It will be the largest world expo in history with almost 200 countries and 46 international organisations confirmed as participating. The hosts’ target is to have 70 million visitors at the Expo.

Koskisen’s plywood will be extremely visible at the expo because Poland’s pavilion, which will serve as a concert hall, will be covered with our products.

The machining of the beautiful flower-like patterns seen in the picture demanded extreme accuracy to ensure that the sections matched up with each other. According to the designers of the pavilion plywood was selected as the material for the outer shell  because it fits the architecture of the building.

At the beginning of the year Koskisen received an additional plywood order destined for the interior of the pavilion. This 30 m3 delivery will be machined into an large and impressive dragon.

Traditional Polish art

The 3000 square metre pavilion, mostly built out of wood, creates the impression of a large building covered with paper and slightly tilted on it’s base. The outside walls of the building have been decorated in the manner of traditional Polish paper art and lit from the inside. At night, when different events are held in the concert hall, the lights will be reflected on the patterned walls of the building, bringing it’s surface to life. 

Poland is known for it’s traditional paper art. Polish artists can cut extremely complicated and continious patters out of paper .

- Our ancient art, abstract design and futuristic thinking are combined in our pavilion, said Slawomir Majman, the head commissar of the Polish World Expo department.

 Concerts in memory of Chopin

The Polish pavilion will be one of the most highly visited destinations at the expo, because of the many high level concerts and soirées which will be held there. ”Rock” and ”Chopin evenings” are being organised in the memory of the world-famous Polish composer Frederick Chopin. According to the organisers there are also going to be Polish karaoke and DJ-visits to lighten up the concerts.

- Music is a language that we all understand, irrespective of our nationality, said Polish MP Marek Ziolkowski about the concert hall.

Concert hall in night light

Concert hall in night light