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Kleinerdrei – everything a child under 3 needs

Kleinerdrei shop was opened in Hamburg this summer

Kleinerdrei shop was opened in Hamburg this summer

Kleinerdrei, which loosely translates to ‘less than three’, is a concept that offers everything children under the age of three need: a shop, midwifery practice and workshops and courses for parents and their children. The Kleinerdrei team is present in the shop area to provide assistance to parents and their children.

The concept was turned into a design by Thomas Huth, a German interior designer and architect.

"The challenge was to visualise the idea of <3 (smaller than three) with the shop design," he says.

The Kleinerdrei shop opened its doors in Hamburg, Germany, in July 2014. Thomas Huth’s studio, Parat, received a request from the owners of Kleinerdrei to design a space reflecting their concept.

“We wanted to design a space that would support the idea behind the concept and which would convey the Kleinerdrei story and explain why the shop looks the way it does. This really made the shop concept one of a kind,” says Huth.

Children's section is made from KoskiDecor Eco Transparent

Children's section is made from KoskiDecor Eco Transparent

Children’s zone on the bottom, adults’ higher up

According to the concept, the shop was designed with a horizontal division into an upper and lower zone. The lower zone is 90 cm high – the average height of a three-year-old – thus giving children their own space at their own height. The yellow cabinetry, made from KoskiDecor Eco Transparent birch plywood, is fitted with activities for children, such as peepholes, a doll house and a tunnel.

“It’s great to see the children using the play area, which gives the parents a chance to relax and enjoy their time shopping,” says Huth.

The upper zone is designed for the parents. The stackable plywood boxes offer a wide array of possibilities for product presentation. They contain shelving, hanging rails and perforated walls.

All of the children’s units are made from yellow birch plywood, and the upper zone is untreated, natural plywood. The room dividers are also used as coat racks and seating areas.

In addition to the shop itself, the concept includes a courseroom and a children’s health clinic. A door connects the shop to a room that serves as both a waiting room and fitting room. The design concept is harmonised through the yellow floors of the playroom and reception room, mirroring the yellow cabinets in the shop.

KoskiDecor eco transparent – excellent choice for furniture

The lower cabinets in the Kleinerdrei shop consist of Koskisen’s KoskiDecor Eco Transparent plywood. Huth decided on the product after having positive experiences with it in a previous project in which he used plywood as the tabletop material for office desks.

“KoskiDecor Eco Transparent’s greatest properties are its shock-resistance, high-quality surface, eco-friendliness, and easy workability, not to mention its natural appearance, which beautifully accentuates the wood grain. The plywood can also be left untreated thereby reducing the amount of work involved,” Huth points out.

He recommends the KoskiDecor range of plywoods for making furniture and for building interiors due to their good characteristics.

Kleinerdrei is made from two different sections

Kleinerdrei is made from two different sections