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JOACHIM’s sustainable wall art

JOACHIM will plant 100 trees with every clock you purchase,
Andre Joachim

Andre Joachim

After travelling the world and seeing unsustainable forest management and over-population first hand, Australian-born Andre Joachim was inspired to create a conscious business and give back to the world through good design.

Andre says: “People have more choice in what they buy than ever before”. He believes that it is often relatively small decisions in business which has caused most harm to our planet. Therefore he asks, “Why can't business be part of the solution?”

A keen horologist (lover of timepieces), Andre explains “The majority of wall clocks are small, low quality and made from plastic or metal”. Andre noticed a lack of large, high quality wall clocks. He loved the light colour and uniform grain in birch timber, but making clocks from timber meant using trees, even if they were responsibly harvested from a plantation.

Andre then realised planting many trees could offset and even help to care for our planet. JOACHIM: Plant the Planet™ was born, a for-profit business with a mission to give back to our planet.

JOACHIM Snowed wall clock

JOACHIM Snowed wall clock

With every clock you purchase, JOACHIM will plant 100 trees

Currently JOACHIM is the only wall clock which gives back. JOACHIM plants trees through a partnership with US non-profit Trees For The Future, who currently maintains 14 tree planting programs in five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Inspired by Nordic design, JOACHIM's wall clocks are designed and manufactured in Poland from Koskisen's highest grade Finnish Birch Plywood. Larger than most, each clock is available in two impressive sizes, large (50 cm) or extra-large (60 cm). All clocks are powered by quality Seiko movements, so they operate in perfect silence.

Andre wanted to manufacture in the EU for complete visibility and control over manufacturing. This made it possible to responsibly manage environmental impacts and make ethical decisions in all aspects of the business.

Andre asks: “If JOACHIM outsourced manufacturing to countries with low cost, how would we always know the manufacturer was making environmentally responsible decisions?”

For example, JOACHIM uses an air filter box to filter emissions from their cutting machinery. Their vision is consistent all the way down to their packaging, which is 99% plastic free and made from recyclable and compostable materials.

With more designs in the pipeline, JOACHIM clocks are available online at JOACHIM offers free shipping within Europe, with subsidised shipping available elsewhere.

Now everyone can own a piece of great design, consciously.

JOACHIM clocks are visually gorgeous