Interior design21.04.2016

FINOM casts the light of a birch forest

Finnish FINOM lamp is beautiful and egolocial choice made from thin birch plywood

It is easy to imagine you are in a Finnish birch forest when sitting next to a Finnish FINOM lamp. The soft glow of the thin, translucent birch veneer and the way the warm light streams from above invites one to admire it endlessly, like sitting in front of a fireplace. 

Interior architect Esa Vesmanen, MA and member of SIO, the Finnish Association of Interior Architects, began designing the FINOM lamp more than ten years ago. The lamp has been fine-tuned over the years into its current form, and comes in different-sized ceiling and floor lamps. The lamp is easy to put together without the need for special equipment, and the ecological product has a minimal footprint. In March 2016, FINOM was awarded the Red Dot design award.

The FINOM lamp is easy and quick to assemble.

The FINOM lamp is easy and quick to assemble.

The lamp suits both the home and public spaces, and brings a sense of warmth and cosiness to any room. The lightweight lamp is made from thin aircraft plywood and its legs from ash. Koskisen’s Birch Products industry was closely involved in the efforts to find a suitable material for the lampshade.

“The shape of the lampshade is based on the wood’s inherently flexible, yet tensile, properties; the material had to be durable and bendable at the same time,” explains Vesmanen. 

The lampshade for the FINOM lamp is made from Koskisen’s plywood.

The lampshade for the FINOM lamp is made from Koskisen’s plywood.

The material for the lampshade comes from Koskisen’s Birch Products industry and it is cut to the desired length by a subcontractor. The wooden legs of the floor lamp are also made by a subcontractor.

“With support in manufacturing and organisation from a professional co-operation network, it has been easy for us to focus on the design aspect and on finding distribution channels,” says Jukka Vesmanen, CEO of Innoite, the company that produces the FINOM lamp.

The finishing touches are put on the lamp and the packages are assembled for delivery by Iiris Pro, an association that offers work and guidance to the visually impaired.

The FINOM lighting series comprises five different sizes, with three models also available as floor lamps. The parts are designed and manufactured with millimetre accuracy, which makes easy and sturdy assembly possible, without the need for tools. 

The FINOM lamp can be ordered online within the EU at Pure Design Shop. For orders outside the EU, please contact