Interior design15.04.2014

Wood brings warmth to decor

Creative design ideas can be put into effect with Arkki.

Creative design ideas can be put into effect with Arkki.

Finnish birch plywood is a great option for cladding walls and ceilings both in homes and public spaces. The light colour of birch complements modern and traditional interior decoration alike. Koskisen’s ready-to-install Arkki decorative plywood offers a convenient and eye-catching solution for decorators who dream of wooden surfaces.

Arkki decorative plywood panels have been manufactured at Koskisen’s plywood mill for close to ten years now. The panels were formerly sold under the product name Kokoa, but after a reorganisation a few years ago, they were merged with the plywood mill’s product family and are now sold under Koskisen’s product name.

Arkki is easy to install

Arkki panels are tongue-and-grooved all round and pre-treated, which means achieving a finished surface is fast and easy.

“The panels can be easily installed onto a finished wall surface, they can be nailed onto existing battens if the battens are straight, or new battens can be installed on old walls,” says Customer Group Manager Riitta Ahokas.

On a wall finished using Arkki, a 4-mm gap remains between the panels, lending a distinctive character to the finished surface. Wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract has been taken into account in the tongue and groove, which means no special considerations are necessary when installing the panels. More detailed installation instructions are available on Koskisen’s website.

Arkki is available surface-treated, either in a clear or white lacquer. Alternatively, the panels are available untreated, in which case they can be waxed or stained as desired.

Solutions for decorating with wood

In addition to Arkki, Koskisen’s wide product range includes many other wood products for consumers with a penchant for wood surfaces. KoskiDecor plywood offers a number of exquisite colour tones that can adorn the interior decor of any number of spaces.

“KoskiDecor has mainly been used as a raw material for different types of furniture, but some customers have, in fact, used it in children’s rooms in pink or green,” says Ahokas.

KoskiWall, made of chipboard, is a durable and sound-insulating alternative to drywall. KoskiWall is an all-round tongue-and-grooved wall panel that comes either untreated or painted with a base coat on one side.

The product range of Koskisen’s Sawn Timber business unit includes spruce and pine panels with a number of profiles for interior cladding. The products can also be delivered with the ends tongue-and-grooved.