Interior design11.06.2012

Proto series evolves into finished products

Nina Nissinen´s Gasebo.

Nina Nissinen´s Gasebo.

The joint project between Koskisen, Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences has reached the implementation phase. The design products that were finished in early spring will still be honed to perfection before this autumn’s joint exhibition at the Habitare Fair.

As part of the project, called “Nollasarja” (Proto Series), organised now for the second time at the schools, design students were given the task of designing a mass-tailored wood product suitable for series production.

Within the space of just a few weeks, the ideas that were presented at Koskisen in March had been transformed into finished products and were admired in Mikkeli at the end of April.

Jenna Avikainen, who studies at Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, created a storage chair which was among the best designs, according to Koskisen’s panel of judges, consisting of Product Manager Riikka Kirvesniemi and Riitta Ahokas, in addition to Development Director Kari Koskinen. In addition to Jenna’s storage chair, the panel gave special mention to Mikkeli-based student Juuso Kolehmainen’s modern version of a traditional farmhouse kitchen table and Kymenlaakso students Nina Nissinen’s Gasebo and Paula Luhtaanmäki’s Dada swing.

Many good elements

- All of the designs have a lot of good, fun elements. From the Koskisen viewpoint we paid special attention not only to the charming ideas, but also to the production potential of the designs and to how easily they could be manufactured through form pressing, says Riikka Kirvesniemi.

According to Riitta Ahokas, some of the products created for the Proto Series have already received orders and have been entered in competitions.

- We will be presenting some of the products to our own co-operation partners, thus giving these young designers access to the larger furniture manufacturers. Our first stop, however, is the Habitare Design Fair, where the Proto Series will be displayed at the Mikkeli and Kymenlaakso schools’ joint stand.

Ideas moulded by production

Juuso Kolehmainen, the young designer of the plywood table, says that his design was inspired by his own home.

- When I was a child we had one of those traditional farmhouse tables made out of glue-laminated pine. I started thinking about what material I could use to create a slightly lighter and less expensive version of the same table which could be used at a summer cottage or by a young family. The 28-millimetre-thick plywood panel was the perfect choice. The end result is light but sturdy, says Kolehmainen.

Jenna Avikainen’s original idea for the storage chair changed at the production stage.

- The chair was too large to be form pressed. It was also not sturdy enough, so we added a few veneer layers to it. The chair actually turned out better than I had originally envisioned it,” she says, admiring the end result.

Nina Nissinen, designer of the bright-green Gasebo, is happy with her work.

- I wanted to create something new and useful to bring people together. The gazebo turned out exactly as I had planned it. We added some support structures and details to it at the production stage. KoskiFutura Smooth was the perfect choice for the product’s structure. I can’t wait to hear what kind of feedback my design gets at Habitare!”

Juuso Kolehmaisen and his plywoodtable.

Juuso Kolehmaisen and his plywoodtable.