Interior design10.02.2015

Eco-design with Koskisen timber

Beamlight is made from second-grade timber

Beamlight is made from second-grade timber

Lahti design student Sirja Salokanta took part in the international Green Furniture Sweden competition with her Beamlight lamp made from sawn timber waste from Koskisen’s sawmill.

Sirja Salokanta, who is in her fourth year of furniture design studies at the Lahti Institute of Design, was given the assignment of designing a lamp in her strategic design course.

- “Nature has always been an important part of my life and a source of inspiration for me. So it felt natural to design an eco-friendly product,” says Salokanta, describing the early stages of her design process.

Eco-friendliness is also the starting point for the Green Furniture Sweden competition, which Sirja took part in with her lamp. According to the rules of the competition, the product must be ecological in both its materials and origins; effective use of the product’s materials is also taken into account. Salokanta was also partly inspired by the lobby of Hotel Hotel in Canberra, Australia, and its abundant use of wood.

- “When I was an exchange student in Australia, I saw the lobby of the hotel, and the play of wood, light and shadows stuck with me. I wanted to create the same impression with my lamp,” says Salokanta.

Collaboration with Koskisen

Salokanta wanted to use wood, recycled wood in particular, as the material for her lamp, as several of the winning pieces in the Green Furniture Sweden have been made from sawmill waste material. After contacting Koskisen Sales Manager Ari Elovaara, Koskisen became Salokanta’s collaboration partner. Elovaara offered her second-grade timber waste that would have otherwise been incinerated for energy.

- “Koskisen was very receptive to my request. They answered my questions and encouraged me to take my project forward,” she says.

A 100% recyclable lamp

Salokanta chose Nordic, second-grade sawn timber for her project, but in principle the Beamlight can be made from just about any type of wood. In addition to sawn timber, led lighting and metal wire were used to make the lamp. All of the lamp parts can be easily dismantled and recycled.

- “In my design, the wood is left untreated so that as it ages and greys, it brings a story and personality to the lamp. Untreated wood also means fewer toxins are released into the environment, in both production and final disposal,” says Salokanta.

The challenge in designing the product was how to efficiently manufacture an ecological and profitable product. Salokanta’s lamp range does not require major investments, thanks both to the materials selected and to the effective way in which they are used. Packaging and transport costs for the product have also been designed to be small, with a small load on the environment.

The play of wood, light and shadows

The play of wood, light and shadows