From tree to house – and everything in between

Koskisen uses almost half a million cubic meter of birch annually.

Koskisen uses almost half a million cubic meter of birch annually.

Where does the wood used by Koskisen come from? How much is procured and what is it used for? The article below explains the basic principles of how Koskitukki’s procures the raw material from the forest and how it is transformed into a finished board.

Who buys the trees?

At Koskisen this is done by Koskitukki Oy, which is the group’s own wood procurement company. Koskitukki’s task is to acquire the raw material needed by Koskisen group. In addition to this task, Koskitukki is responsible for the forest estates of the group and also looks after the forests of many private forest owners.

There are 35 clerical employees, 25 forestry equipment workers, 10 woodsmen and 25 haulage contractors working for Koskitukki. In addition to these Koskitukki also employs indirectly over 100 people on either a self employed or sub contracting basis.

How much wood is procured?

Koskitukki buys about 1,3 million m3  of wood a year mostly from private forest owners, which equates to about 75 truck loads of wood a day. Of these Koskisen’splywood industry uses 20 loads, the timber industry about 50 loads and the birch product industry 3 loads.

Who is the wood bought from?

Koskitukki’s customers include thousands of private forest owners. There are over one million private forest owners in Finland. 60 percent of forest owners still live in sparsely populated areas and only 20 percent live in cities with over 20 000 inhabitants. Half of the forest owners still live on their estates. About every fourth forest owner is a woman. A significant Finnish forest owner group are those born during the years immediately after the war.

How many contracts are concluded each year?

In order to obtain the volume of raw material quantity needed by the group, Koskitukki has to make about 1500 contracts every year. This equates to  each chief buyer securing about 100 contracts.

From what kind of forest estates?

Finnish forest estates are typically small. About 440 000 of them are under two hectares in size and 266 000 under 20 hectares. Only 9 percent are over 100 hectares. The forest estates owned by men are on average 15 hectares larger than those owned by women.

What kind of wood is procured?

Wood procurement is done with an emphasis on softwood logs, these are bought from estates situated in a 150 km radius from Järvelä. Birch logs are bought from wherever they are available, e.g. from Savo and Karjala as well as Western and Central Finland. Some birch logs are also bought from Russia.

What are softwood and birch logs used for?

The logs are converted in to sawn timberbirch plywoodveneers and processed products. Koskisen’s Timber Construction unit also utilises the wood to produceconstruction components and houses. The wood chips and sawdust are used down to the last splinter - pulpwood is delivered for further processing by the paper industry and sawdust is utilised by Koskisen’s own chipboard industry. All the remaining combustible wood material is burnt in our own energy plant either to meet the needs of our own processes or it is sold to other energy producing plants.