Steady rise in demand for bioenergy

Energy wood

Koskitukki’s efforts in energy wood harvesting and the production of wood fuel bear fruit: deliveries have nearly doubled each year over the last three years.

Koskitukki, Koskisen's wood procurement company, collects forest energy from the tree crowns and stumps left over from final fellings, from the reconditioning of young forests and, for example, from logging carried out in forests bordering fields.

The wood fuel delivered to customers will primarily consist of chips made from tree crowns and small-diameter timber.

- Our entire wood procurement organisation is harnessed to procure energy wood. When we purchase wood, we try to agree on the collection of energy wood, such as harvesting residue and stumps, at the same time,”Koskitukki’s Bioenergy ManagerJuha Hyvärinen says.

He reminds forest owners that the means of measuring and payment are almost without exception the same as in normal standing sales and delivery sales.

- Money transfers happen quickly, although forest energy fractions may have long storage times.

Complementary by-products

Koskisen uses some 800,000 solid cubic metres of logs per year, and the by-products, i.e. bark, chips and sawdust, amount to over one million loose cubic metres per year. Koskisen uses 70 per cent of the by-products in, for example, chipboard manufacture. Bark and plywood by-products are utilised for heat and electricity in bioboilers, and the remaining 30 per cent is used by the pulp industry and customers in their bioboilers.

During the cold-weather months between September and April, Koskitukki delivers three to six truckloads of wood chips to Fortum every day. Other customers include smaller, municipal heating plants and large plants for combined heat and power production.

- In addition to wood chips, we can also supplement the raw material deliveries to power plants with by-products from the Group's production plants. This ensures deliveries, especially during bad road conditions and fuel consumption peaks, Juha Hyvärinen says.

The wood-fuel delivery agreements between Koskitukki and Fortum Energiaratkaisut cover the company’s plants for heat generation in Rajamäki and Nummela. Rajamäki and Nummela use wood for fuel in the amount of altogether some 80 GWh per year (c. 40,000 solid m3).

- We have developed an extensive service concept around bioenergy. We monitor the plants’ wood fuel storage levels in real time and sustain a sufficient fuel level in the chip silo. In this way our customer can focus on their core activity, the production of heat and power, and leave the supply of fuel to us.

Energy wood