Processing the green gold of Finland

Vuosittain puunhankintayhtiömme Koskitukki hankki puuraaka-ainetta yli 2 miljoonaa kuutiota, pääosin yksityisiltä metsänomistajilta.

In Finland now is the best time to enjoy summer and Finland’s green gold. Along with this video we wish you a great summer! 

The story of all of our products begins in the forest; our wood procurement company Koskitukki harvests over 2 million cubic meters of wood each year, mainly from privately-owned forests. The wood is used for our plywood, veneer and sawn timber products, as well as for wood elements and roof trusses. All of the wood is utilised as economically as possible, we use the sawdust produced for chipboard manufacturing and the other by products from wood processing are used as bioenergy in our own power plant or delivered to nearby power plants.

The story of the forest doesn’t end there. Each year we plant, or deliver for planting, saplings which cover an area of more than 500 hectares. We also tend to seedlings, undertake young stand improvement, first thinning and other forestry activities as part of Koskitukki’s services.