Monarchs of the forest

Spruce forest

Finland is part of the boreal forest zone and is Europe’s most forested country. Koskisen Timber uses around a quarter of a million cubic metres of softwood in its production annually, all of it from certifi ed, well-managed forests.

Koskisen Oy’s wood procurement company Koskitukki Oy acquires spruce and pine from a 100  kilometre radius area around the sawmill. Around a quarter of the 250,000 m³ sawn annually is pine and 190,000 m³ spruce. Practically the whole tree is utilised. Even the branches that are lopped off  are chipped for use in bio-fuel plants. For every cubic metre of sawn timber, about 2.2 m³ of log is needed. The remainder is sold for use in the paper industry, for raw material in the chipboard business, for cattle bedding in agriculture or is utilised in Koskisen’s own thermal power plant.

Softwood has an attractive appearance, excellent weatherproof properties and a good weight-to-durability ratio and is easy to machine. Wood is a renewable natural resource and an ecological material as its production and processing requires less energy than that of other materials. Wood also binds carbon.

Versatile pine

Most of Koskisen’s pine timber is delivered to construction firms, importers, planning mills, furniture manufacturers, wholesalers and hardware stores. Only about 10% of production is further processed into interior and exterior cladding, for example. The most important export market for planed products is Japan, while in saw goods the main countries are UK, Algeria, Egypt, France and Spain.

Distinctively from spruce

About 30% of sawn spruce is processed. The customer base for spruce is much the same as for pine, the differences are mainly regional and partly the result of what the customers are used to using.

Koskisen produces planed products, roof trusses for prefabricated house manufacturers and various customerspecific components out of spruce, in addition to sawn timber.

Branches of wisdom

Pine,  Pinus sylvestris

Finland’s most common species of tree, 44% of stock. Distribution range: the whole of Europe to Siberia. An evergreen that survives in severe conditions, needs a lot of light. Can grow up to 40-metres in height. A hard wood. 

Spruce, Picea abies

Finland’s second most common species of tree, 36 % of stock. Grows in Northern Europe’s coniferous forest zone. Requires a shady, fertile place to grow. Can grow up to 40-metres in height and one metre thick. A hard, moisture-resistant wood.