Cooperation with Fortum will increase Koskitukki’s energy wood procurement

Wood fuel: tree crowns and stumps.

Wood fuel: tree crowns and stumps.

Koskitukki Oy and Fortum Power and Heat Oy have concluded supply contracts concerning wood-based fuels for the Rajamäki, Nummela, Loppi and Riihimäki power plants.

Rajamäki and Nummela, the biggest of the power plants, use wood for fuel in the amount of altogether some 80 GWh per year (c. 40,000 solid m3). Wood fuel corresponding to approximately 6 GWh per year (c. 3,000 solid m3) will be delivered to Loppi and Riihimäki. The wood fuel will primarily consist of chips made from tree crowns and small-diameter timber.

A major deal

Jussi Joensuu, Chief Forester in charge of Koskitukki Oy’s wood procurement, says the cooperation is a very important addition to Koskitukki’s energy wood procurement. During the cold-weather months between September and April, Koskitukki will deliver 4 to 8 truckloads of wood chips to Fortum every day. Forest energy is collected from the tree crowns and stumps left over from regeneration cutting, from the reconditioning of young forests and, for example, from logging carried out in forests bordering fields.

“Our strength is reliable deliveries: In addition to wood chips, we can also supplement the raw material deliveries to power plants with by-products from the Group’s production plants.”

Along with the agreement, Koskitukki will become an even stronger and more reliable regional cooperation partner for forest owners and forest equipment entrepreneurs.

“In addition to traditional log and pulpwood sales, we can also offer forest owners a simple way to conduct energy wood trade alongside ‘roundwood’ sales. The means of measuring and payment are almost without exception the same as in normal standing sales and delivery sales, so money transfers happen quickly, although energy wood fractions may have long storage times. It is worthwhile to offer us energy wood for purchase and harvesting in all forms,” Joensuu says.

A suitable mix

Fortum’s Fuel Manager Matti Oksanen says the company chose Koskitukki as its cooperation partner mostly because of its reliable deliveries and because the mix of fuels suits Fortum. “Koskitukki is also a regionally strong wood procurement company and is centrally located in relation to our power plants.”

According to Oksanen, Koskisen’s timber yard contains a similar thermal boiler as the one at Fortum’s Rajamäki power plant.

“What is great about our cooperation is that we can share our experiences and discuss fuels directly with the people at Koskisen,” he concludes.