Strong demand for sawlogs

Since the summer, Koskisen wood trade has been active.

Since the summer, Koskisen wood trade has been active.

Despite the uncertainties in the global economy, the utilisation rates of Koskisen’s production facilities are at a normal level and there is strong demand for sawlogs. The procurement of winter sites has begun in almost all of Koskitukki’s wood procurement areas and the goal is to purchase wood steadily throughout the autumn.

Since the summer, wood trade has been active, and we expect it to continue at a normal level over the autumn and winter.

In addition to traditional wood trade, forest owners should use our extensive services in energy wood harvesting and forest management. A successful wood transaction can be reached in many ways. You can take the initiative by offering us a ready wood sales plan or by contacting our procurement managers (contact info in Finnish: and drawing up a plan for selling a stand from scratch.

The most important thing is to create a package together, based on the needs of the forest and the owner, in line with the prevailing harvesting and business conditions. At the top of our list are stands of birch and logs, which allow the harvesting of energy wood (young trees, harvesting residues, stumps).

For information on current demand by species and harvesting methods, please visit Koskitukki’s website. For information on the local situation, please contact our local procurement managers. Click here for the contact information of the manager nearest you, only in Finland.