Koskitukki strengthens its wood procurement organisation

Hennariikka Savolainen and Marko Korhonen collaborate practically on a daily basis.

Hennariikka Savolainen and Marko Korhonen collaborate practically on a daily basis.

Koskisen’s wood procurement company Koskitukki was strengthened in the summer with two new employees. Hennariikka Savolainen and Marko Korhonen, who mainly focus on the procurement of birch logs in Eastern Finland, are off to a good start.

The new workforce expands Koskisen’s birch log procurement area to just about all the regions where birch grows.

- Procuring birch is challenging, but we’re convinced that the volumes will grow thanks to the now stronger organisation in Eastern Finland, says Koskitukki’s Chief Forester, Jussi Joensuu.

In the early autumn, birch trade in Hennariikka’s and Marko’s regions has been very active.

- Right now the situation is good, and the purchased birch volumes meet our production needs, Jussi says.

Strategic choice

According to Jussi, having a strong wood procurement organisation of its own is a strategic choice for Koskitukki, as it secures sufficient wood supply for the needs of Koskisen’s sawn timber and board production.

- Our annual procurement volumes total on average 300–400,000 cubic meters of birch and 550–600,000 cubic meters of softwood. Additionally, our pulpwood procurement volume equals approximately that of birch. Owing to the reasonably large total procurement volume, it is essential for us to remain proactive and engaged in business, particularly in areas where there are birch logs.

Off to a good start

For Hennariikka Savolainen, this job with Koskisen is the third during her three years of working.

- I got my Bachelor of Engineering degree in forestry from the North Karelia University of Applied Sciences in 2009. I started to work for Stora Enso in harvesting and transportation already before my graduation. A year later I transferred to Harvestia, where I worked as procurement and harvesting manager. I wanted to work for Koskisen to get back to my home area in Northern Savo, explains Hennariikka, who lives in Kuopio.

According to her, she is off to a good start and appreciates the independent, yet responsible way of working at Koskitukki.

- Although I work independently, I collaborate with Marko practically on a daily basis.

Long experience

Marko Korhonen purchases wood for Koskitukki in the Northern Karelia region out of Joensuu. He has a sixteen-year-long career at UPM under his belt.

- For the last twelve years that I was at UPM I was in charge of veneer wood procurement for the veneer mill in Lohja. I applied for a job at Koskitukki because I felt that it was time to try something new. I was also interested in the more varied job description that Koskitukki offered.

Marko’s tasks at Koskitukki include organising the harvesting and transportation of the wood Hennariikka has purchased in Northern Savo. In his own region of Northern Karelia, Marko buys wood, which is something new to him.

- Northern Karelia is a new region for Koskitukki, so it’s going to take a year or two before reaching full speed in wood procurement. I do know the region and the landowners pretty well, so the chances are good, Marko concludes.