FSC certification provides proof of the origin of wood

FSC-certified forest

FSC-certified forest

Koskisen Oy was granted FSC certification at the end of May as proof of the ethical and ecologically sustainable use of the company’s wood raw material.

FSC certification shows Koskisen’s customers and users of the company’s products that the wood raw material used comes from forests managed in an ecologically, ethically and socially sustainable way. Use of the label also promotes sustainable forest management.

According to Koskisen’s Quality Manager Anna-Maaret Roppola, the certification process was launched some six months ago, and the certification was granted at the end of May.

“Receiving the certification makes business substantially easier in, for example, birch products, where it often is a prerequisite for a transaction. In Finland, forest farms are fairly small and privately owned, which makes the certification process slower. The increasing number of group certifications does, however, make life easier for forest owners and the volume of certified wood on the markets is on the rise,” Roppola says.

Entering new markets

Knowing the origin of wood is important, especially for customers in the furniture industry, where the ecological sustainability of forest management and harvesting plays a vital role. Events such as the 2012 London Olympics, requiring massive new construction, have also shown interest in the origin of wood. In London, only FSC-certified wood was accepted for construction.

Export Manager Heikki Kiesilä from Koskisen Birch Products says that FSC and highly similar PEFC certification together meet the market requirements well.

“PEFC covers essentially the same issues as FSC, but the latter is better-known and valued more in consumer trade and in the furniture industry. The new certification also opens up opportunities for the company to enter new markets and geographical areas,” he explains.

Important for image

Kiesilä considers FSC certification important also in terms of image, as it enables entering into long-lasting customer contracts.

“The certification minimises risks related to the management of the origin of wood. The same issues – ethical and ecologically sustainable forest management – are emphasised in the Finnish Forest Act,” Kiesilä points out.

Jussi Joensuu, Chief Forester at Koskitukki, Koskisen’s wood procurement company, underlines that even if the raw material does not come from an FSC-certified forest, the Controlled Wood system, along with PEFC, used by the Group guarantee to a high degree the origin of wood

Koskisen Oy was granted FSC sertification

Koskisen Oy was granted FSC sertification