”We are doing well”

Raw-floor panel manufactured for customer Starkki

Raw-floor panel manufactured for customer Starkki

According to product line manager Seppo Kouvonen, the co-operation between Koskisen’s chipboard industry and Starkki is going so well that there is no need to look for foreign suppliers.

Koskisen is our main partner in chipboard products in which we launched our first private label product at the end of last year. Of course also our other construction industry products are sold with the ”Raw” brand, but the 1800 mm long and 600 mm wide all-round tongued and grooved floor chipboard was a very good addition to the product line, says Seppo Kouvonen, Product Group Manager of Starkki.

Wide circulation

Koskisen Oy and Starkki are long term partners. At the moment Koskisen’s plywood, timber and chipboard industry products are sold in all 21 Starkki stores around Finland. 

According to Tomi Viitanen, Sales manager of Koskisen Chipboard industry, the cooperation agreement on Raw -floor boards was signed last November and deliveries started right away. 

- Koskisen’s products have quite a good visibility in Starkki stores as well as national coverage. The products are renowned for their quality and they also have the customers’ approval, Seppo Kouvonen notes.

Renovator’s dream

According to Kouvonen, the Raw -chipboard is the renovator’s dream because it is conveniently small for one person to carry. 1800 mm long board fits in a trailer and it is easy to carry up even in a narrow stairway. Before installation the board has to be kept in the final usage conditions for a few days in order to even out the moisture content and temperature. After that it is easy for the DIY-builder to install the board and coat it either directly with a plastic membrane of with impact soundproofing and e.g. laminate.

- As a product the Raw floor chipboard has been a success, summarizes Kouvonen.


Starkki is a part of DT-Group, which is the biggest seller of building materials in the Nordic countries. DT-Group is a part of Wolseley –Group which is the biggest supplier of HPAC products in the world as well as the leading supplier of building materials to B2B-customers in North America, England and the continental Europe.
Each Starkki unit consists of a modern store, large pick-up yard and company service. Starkki serves builders, renovators and rebuilders in 21 units in different sides of Finland and employs about 1000 people.

Raw floor panel pallet

Raw floor panel pallet