“The right quantity and quality at the right time”

KoskiPro-chipboard is always desinged and produced for customer's specific needs.

KoskiPro-chipboard is always desinged and produced for customer's specific needs.

High quality and reliable deliveries are key factors in the cooperation between Koskisen Chipboard industry and the door manufacturer Jeld-Wen.

Sales Manager Jari Laine from the Chipboard industry and Purchase ManagerAri Nurmenniemi from Jeld-Wen agree that the quality of a product is not limited to its technical parameters.

“Quality means that the customer receives what they have ordered at the agreed time. Of course the product’s technical parameters are a part of it. Considering the large percentage of tailored KoskiPro special products (70%) in deliveries for Jeld-Wen, there have been relatively few complaints during our long cooperation,” says Laine.

According to Nurmenniemi, the partnership of more than 25 years has lately also ventured further into product development.

“At the moment it’s fair to say that the chipboard we use is tailor-made precisely for our needs.”

Active dialogue

Koskisen Oy is Jeld-Wen’s main supplier of chipboard products except for thin boards, which are not included in Koskisen’s product range. Nurmenniemi says he is happy with the cooperation, citing in particular reliable deliveries and dialogue also when there are no specific problems.

“From the customer’s point of view, service holds crucial importance. Our sales, customer service as well as production control all run smoothly with Koskisen. With tightly knit operational models and good personal relations, we get good results.”

Jeld-Wen also highly appreciates the quality and environmental benefits of Koskisen production.

“These are important aspects for today’s consumers,” says Nurmenniemi.

Taking pride in reliable deliveries

According to Laine, the cooperation with Jeld-Wen is so extensive that the customer places orders directly with the mill’s production planning system. The system has a dialogue with the customer, books the order, assigns it to production and takes care of the delivery. Because Jeld-Wen has no substantial material stock, timely deliveries are all the more important.

“For delivery reliability, our in-house target is 95 per cent. Over the last two years, we achieved 98 per cent,” Laine says and adds that delivery reliability checks are carried out once a month.

“It's one of our main competitive assets,” he concludes. 


JELD-WEN Suomi Oy is one of Finland’s leading manufacturers of wooden doors. The company produces, develops and markets high-quality internal and external doors that meet the needs of both Finnish homes and public buildings. 

KoskiPro special boards

KoskiPro boards are precision-made products developed in cooperation with customers to respond to their needs as accurately as possible. A number of parameters can be varied according to the end-use specifications, including board size, thickness, structure and strength as well as the surface quality and various coating options.

KoskiPro products are individually tailored special boards. Various surface treatments can be applied to the boards, including paper, melamine resin film, plastic film, laminate or phenol film. The coated surface can be smooth, grooved or slip-resistant, with a friction surface.