Priming protects exterior cladding boards

Priming make a good base for top of the coat paint.

Priming make a good base for top of the coat paint.

Koskisen’s exterior cladding products are primed with ecological and water-soluble primers under standardised conditions. Carefully executed priming provides an ideal adhering surface for subsequent treatments and protects the boards from moisture and sunlight before the next treatments.

According to Product Manager Timo Piispanen, the annual capacity of Koskisen’s new paintshop is approximately 15,000 m3 of painted products. The products can be painted in a range of colour shades according to the customer’s needs.

“Painting of the products is part of our “one-stop-shop” concept, in which customers get everything they need, from basic sawn goods to further-processed products, with just one phone call. Koskisen’s range of further-processed products includes both interior and exterior cladding products, strength-graded and dimensional structural timber, and an increasing amount of primed exterior cladding products for both domestic and foreign markets.”

Standardised conditions

Piispanen says primer is applied at the mill when the absorption of paint and adherence to the wood are at their best. A uniform finish is always achieved because the wood's moisture and painting conditions are always constant. In workshop conditions it is also easy to ensure that the paint is spread evenly, thereby giving the best possible result.

“Priming creates an excellent adhering surface for the top coat of paint, which means the surface finish will have better resistance to external wear and tear. At the same time, it protects the wood from moisture and sunlight before the actual surface painting and speeds up the painting process if the surface is to be painted directly after installation. However, careful priming also gives the builder time if the final painting is to be performed at a later date.”

Koskisen’s customers for primed exterior cladding include Koskisen’s own Houses division and mainly wood and building products stores, where individual consumers can buy just the right amount of the exterior cladding model they require. Primed products can also be supplied to order with intermediate painting, for example with Teknos’s Nordica Eco paint.

Protective paint layer

Koskisen primes its exterior cladding boards on an entirely rebuilt, modern and highly efficient painting line that has been in use for over two years. The paint is applied using a vacuum method and the boards are dried crosswise in a drying chamber prior to being packaged.

“We use Teknol 1881, a water-based, environmentally friendly alkyd primer, which fulfils all of the requirements set for exterior cladding boards’ primers. It also contains agents that prevent the growth of mould and blue stain fungi and protect the wood against UV radiation. Primer protects the wood until the final painting can be carried out following construction,” Piispanen says. 

Demand peaks in spring

Demand for primed products picks up in the spring, when the weather permits working outdoors. Priming and storing of Koskisen’s exterior cladding products is currently in full swing to ensure a sufficient level of service once the season begins.  
“In the future, the goal is to offer customers an even further processed product. The amount of intermediate painting will undoubtedly increase once customers assimilate the cost savings they achieve from painting,” says Piispanen.
Priming also brings considerable time savings and intermediate painting provides a nearly finished surface.

“It might be nice for private consumers to one day be able to drop by their local timber store and pick up a bundle of shrink-wrapped exterior cladding straight off the shelf. That would make it easy to get just the right amount and the product would stay dirt-free at the construction site, right up until installation. Koskisen’s Timber industry is customer-focussed and aims to offer end users solutions that are easier, quicker and more finished,” Piispanen concludes.

Primed made at stardarised conditions makes a good base for top coat of paint.

Primed made at stardarised conditions makes a good base for top coat of paint.