Petri Lento appointed director of Koskisen’s Housing Industry

Kivistön puukerrostalon elementtien valmistusta Koskisen Vierumäen talotehtaalla.
Petri Lento, new director of Koskisen’s Housing Industry

Petri Lento, new director of Koskisen’s Housing Industry

Petri Lento, M.Sc., started as director of Koskisen’s Housing Industry in October. He joins Koskisen from the specialist organisation Vahanen Oy, where he worked for 20 years, 15 of which in international operations, and the past five as business area director of engineering services and member of the group’s executive team. Petri’s broad and diverse background, which includes producing results as the head of demanding construction projects, further reinforces Koskisen’s competence in professional building.

Koskisen’s Housing Industry offers timber element solutions for applications ranging from detached houses to large apartment building projects. The Housing Industry unit, located in Vierumäki, has invested in recent years especially in the production of large and massive elements and in developing timber construction together with professional builders.

“Koskisen has very strong competence in professional timber construction. Koskisen’s Housing Industry has distinguished itself in recent years as a supplier of additional floor and roof systems and timber elements, for example, for apartment buildings, senior care homes and schools,” says Petri. In addition to professional building projects, Koskisen’s Housing Industry manufactures and sells traditional Herrala detached houses, leisure homes and precisely dimensioned pre-cut frame kits for consumers.

Petri describes himself as someone who brings good ideas to fruition: “I like to focus on opportunities rather than risks, and I am not afraid to test out new solutions that show potential.”

According to Petri, wood building solutions offer many possibilities. “Finland has essentially been building with wood for centuries. Wood is an ecological, sustainable, beautiful, versatile and, above all, a traditional construction material, and there are many examples of its use also in modern-day professional construction in major sites in Finland and other Nordic countries. We most definitely should be using Finnish wood, i.e. the best wood in the world, as a construction material and setting an example of the opportunities of ecological building – in international markets, too,” he stresses.

A good example of today’s tighter social structure is the additional and extension construction that is increasing in urban centres and in well-located suburban areas. The advantages of large wooden elements, such as quick installation, light weight and energy efficiency create a competitive opportunity to generate added value. Wood construction also lends an entirely new appearance to old buildings.

“These represent good opportunities for the public sector and real estate and housing companies alike, and Koskisen can offer proven solutions for them,” says Petri.

He believes that efficient service chains are valued, and his goal is to develop even better solutions for our customers’ needs. “As a partner in professional construction, we oversee the service chain, from planning to the end product,” he sums up.

The former director of Koskisen’s Housing Industry, Juha Kohonen, extends his thanks to Koskisen’s customers and staff for their excellent collaboration and interesting work.

“With Petri in charge, Koskisen’s Housing Industry is in good hands, which gives me peace of mind as I embark on my new work challenges this autumn,” says Kohonen.