Koskisen’s product family for agricultural buildings growing

Workspace facility produced and delivered by Koskisen still under process at Hyvinkää, Finland.

Workspace facility produced and delivered by Koskisen still under process at Hyvinkää, Finland.

Koskisen has expanded its portfolio for agricultural purposes to encompass, in addition to grain dryer roofs, various workspace and machinery storage facilities as well as manèges.

According to Sales Manager Vesa Saarelainen from Koskisen’s Timber Construction unit, the new focus area has seen a delightful growth in the number of new contracts.

“Several grain dryer roofs have already been delivered according to the ‘all materials to the building site’ concept. Discussions with the agricultural retailer Y-maatalous revealed that their offering does not include turnkey utility building or manège solutions. That was our starting point,” says Saarelainen.

Three new basic products

Development Engineer Janne Inkinen from Herrala Houses quickly sketched the structure of the basic building, and Anne Lahti developed the designs further. Their success will soon be put to the test, since the first deal has already been concluded!

“Structural sketches, elevation views and perspective images have currently been completed for three new basic products: a machinery shelter and two different-sized utility buildings with a number of variations. The concept of the new products is similar to the grain dryer roofs, in other words Koskisen provides the customer with all the building materials except the foundation. The customer erects the building independently, or we can negotiate an installation deal with a pre-fabricated housing plant.

Cow sheds next?

Manèges are another possible building type, and a few tenders have already been made.

“We do not have a standard manège solution, however, as these buildings are designed individually according to the customer’s needs and wishes. The principles of construction do share many similarities with utility buildings,” Saarelainen points out.

According to him, most agricultural facilities, like utility buildings or manèges, are initially made without a heating system, which is added afterwards. Koskisen has also received a number of inquiries about cow sheds.

“These buildings we have not even considered yet. Let’s first see how successful next summer is for the new products, and think about offering cow sheds only after that.”