Koskisen involved in building the tallest wooden apartment block in Finland

First over 4-storey high wooden apartment house to be built up at Vierumäki.

First over 4-storey high wooden apartment house to be built up at Vierumäki.

The construction of the tallest wooden apartment block in Finland has started in Vierumäki, Heinola. The block’s walls will be delivered as ready-to-install elements by Koskisen’s house factory, located a few kilometres from the construction site.

The parties behind the project expect the new construction concept to bring dozens of permanent jobs to the Heinola region in the first phase of the project. The other builders, in addition to Koskisen, are the City of Heinola, Versowood Oy and Rakennusliike Reponen.

“The initiative for the project came from the City of Heinola, which invited the three of us, Versowood, Reponen and Koskisen, to sit at the same table. We quickly reached a mutual understanding and started to move forward with the project even before the building permit was granted,” recounts Juha Kohonen, Director of Sales and Marketing at Koskisen.

Short construction time

The block integrates materials and construction methods in a new way, and the energy consumption of the eco-efficient building will equal the level of a passive building. The building will be heated with district heating produced with renewable fuels.

Together with the post and beam structure, the load-bearing, timber-cladded outer elements make up a competitive solution which cuts construction time. The composite structure of the intermediate floors, which have challenging sound and vibration requirements, combines the beneficial properties of glue-laminated timber with a thin concrete layer. The difficult weather conditions and downsides of building in the winter are eliminated by using a tent structure to protect the building.

“The foundation work will begin in a few weeks, and the frame delivery is scheduled to take place in March and April,” says Herrala Houses’ Development Engineer Janne Inkinen.

Just a prelude

Demand for pleasant wooden apartment block areas is constantly growing. The hybrid structure created by Versowood, Rakennusliike Reponen and Koskisen is a competitive option.

“The block in Heinola is just a prelude to future projects. We strongly believe that hybrid apartment blocks will soon rise in other parts of Finland too,” says DirectorRisto Tarkiainen from Koskisen. Tarkiainen has been closely involved in the project.
He says the 27 flats of the hybrid block now under construction will vary between 40 and 71 m² in size. Koskisen will own three flats in the future housing company called Puumera, and they will be let to Koskisen’s employees. The rest of the flats will be owned by the City of Heinola and Versowood.

“The hybrid apartment block will allow Koskisen to make a small investment that will make the manufacture of taller wooden elements at the factory possible. The project also boosts our company’s image as a forerunner in wood processing and wood construction,” Tarkiainen concludes.