Koskisen the first to strength-grade all of its sawn timber

In future all Koskisen sawn timber products are graded also by strength.

In future all Koskisen sawn timber products are graded also by strength.

The CE mark, which certifies that a product has met certain EU requirements, will be mandatory on all sawn timber intended for use in the framework of a building as of the fall of 2012.

The CE mark indicates that a product is in compliance with the relevant harmonised product standard and that it complies with the essential requirements of the Construction Products Directive.

According to Tommi Sneck, Director of the Timber Industry division, Koskisen has until now mainly graded its sawn goods according to visual quality. Timber used for framework was already previously graded according to the CE standard into various C-strength-grade categories upon payment of an additional fee.

“In the future, the grading of sawn timber will include both strength and visual data. Timber will continue to be packaged primarily on the basis of visual quality, but the pieces will also include a mark indicating the strength grade. Of course we will still supply timber that is solely strength-graded to a specific order,” Sneck explains.

Better service

The extra service, to start in the beginning of October, and the additional information it provides on the products will give customers new opportunities to make use of sawn timber and to reach several target groups with one product.

“Importers and wholesalers can, for example, sell the same CE-marked timber as a strength-graded product to the construction industry or as a visually graded product to the wood-working industry. Similarly, consumers can use the pieces they have received in their package for various end-uses, based either on the visual quality or strength grade. No one offers this kind of service yet, but in the near future, it could even become standard,” Sneck estimates. 

CE marking of sawn timber

  • The Council of the European Communities issued Directive 93/68/EEC to harmonise the legislation in member countries concerning construction products (Construction Products Directive).
  • The goal of the CE mark is to open up the single EU markets in terms of official control, to remove technical obstacles to trade.
  • The CE mark indicates compliance with the harmonised product standard or European technical approval in terms of the properties listed on the product markings.
  • When the product is used correctly, essential safety and health requirements are met at the construction site.
  • Product properties are listed on the CE mark, and they are compared with the national requirement level (official requirements).
  • A product’s compliance with the requirements is established during the manufacturing process (FPC system).
Koskisen CE-merkittyä sahatavaraa

Koskisen CE-merkittyä sahatavaraa