Koskisen branches out into agricultural construction

The new roof delivered by Koskisen for grain-dryer.

The new roof delivered by Koskisen for grain-dryer.

Koskisen Construction Components has expanded its operations to agricultural construction. Plans have swiftly been turned into action, as the first-ever roof delivered by Koskisen to a grain dryer was hoisted in place at the end of August.

Riistaveden Viljakolhoosi is a company established by five farmers in Riistavesi, near Kuopio in Eastern Finland, for the purpose of drying and storing grain. The all-new grain dryer has 10 x 20 metres of floor space and the building rises 24 metres high. At the end of August it was covered with the first grain-dryer roof ever delivered by Koskisen. Pekka Parviainen, a partner in the company, says that initially Riistaveden Viljakolhoosi, Mepu, which delivered the grain dryer, and Koskisen held discussions on the delivery of the roof trusses.

“As the negotiations progressed, we began to wonder if it would be possible for Koskisen to supply us with the entire roof, including the roof trusses, sawn timber and metal roofing, since it would be the most convenient solution for us. Vesa Saarelainen from Koskisen compiled the entire package for us, and it was delivered in May. The roof was built entirely on the ground and then lifted in place at the end of August,” Parviainen recalls.

Everything delivered right to the door

Mepu is a market leader in grain dryers in Finland. Ilkka Oivanen, a sales representative at Mepu, points out that most dryers on Finnish farms today are from the 70s and 80s.

“They are either old, small or at the end of their life cycle, and need to be replaced or at least entirely refurbished. There is demand for complete roof packages, especially if the price-quality ratio is right,” Oivanen reckons.

According to him, customers appreciate direct, complete deliveries and dealing with a single person only. And they want all their roofing materials delivered directly to their site.

“Few people today can be bothered to run from one place to another in search of different materials.”

From grain dryers to stone houses

Product Manager Vesa Saarelainen from Koskisen Timber Construction says the new strategic focal point has already generated a few substantial transactions.

“Roof deliveries to grain dryers contain on average three times more roof trusses, frame timber and other sawn timber than roof deliveries to houses. These deliveries are a very decent size from our perspective.”

According to Saarelainen, Koskisen is going to strengthen its co-operation with brick, log and stone house manufacturers, as they also need roofs included in their deliveries. 
Koskisen also plans to offer private builders complete roof material services.

“Our roof deliveries include everything from planning and structural drawings to roof trusses and related materials. We firmly believe that there is plenty of untapped market potential in roofs.”

Koskisen’s wood procurement company Koskitukki also participates in surveying this new market area. Chief Forester Jussi Joensuu says that the regional procurement managers are all ears when visiting their customers.

“Procurement managers work on a daily basis with forest owners, who are often farmers and therefore potential customers in agricultural construction. We don’t expect them to turn into salesmen, but if a procurement manager gives a tip that leads to a delivery, it is in everyone’s interest,” Joensuu says and points out that selling wood is a natural way of financing farming investments.

“Koskitukki and Koskisen Group are able to make a competitive offer in both wood trade and construction,” he concludes.

The new roof by Koskisen under building.

The new roof by Koskisen under building.