KOKO house will be completed sooner than expected

Tapio Anttila's KOKO hous is built in Lahti.

Tapio Anttila's KOKO hous is built in Lahti.

Designer Tapio Anttila will be able to move into his KOKO house in Lahti early spring.

Both the exterior and interior work on the house that was delivered in October have progressed faster than expected. According toTapio Anttila, there is less to build in the interior of the KOKO house owing to the simple floor plan, few partition walls and simple structure of the ceiling/floor.

“The fact that plenty of time was used in the planning phase has most likely contributed to the swift progress on site. I have had to make sure that all the required materials are ready for the workers when they need them and that they are able to perform the different steps, such as installing the electricity and plumbing, smoothly and without unnecessary delays,” Anttila says.

A compact package

Designed by Tapio Anttila and architect Hannu Tikka for Herrala Houses, the KOKO House concept features three living and three auxiliary space sizes (S, M, L), which can be freely combined into nine options. The adaptability of the new house model also extends to the interior details. The open, loft-like interior constitutes the heart of the house, which is accentuated by the visible structures. The easily modifiable partition walls help transform the space to suit the customer’s current life situation.

Anttila’s house serves as the pilot project, and consists of two L modules. The gross floor area, including the garage and warehouse, totals 280 square metres. The ground floor holds a kitchen, dining area, living room, bedroom, and shower room. Upstairs is the daughter’s room and a 40-sq-metre open family room.

Top technology

Technology and lighting used in the house were taken into consideration in the planning stage already.

“All building services and lighting-related piping and wiring are hidden inside the walls. The house also includes many unique details, such as the lamp to be fixed to the I-beams, which I especially designed for our house. The KOKO lamp was manufactured by Saas Instruments and is now part of their standard product range. A dimmable LED serves as the light source; in fact LEDs are used in all the fixed lamps in the house, and their number totals well over a hundred.”

“I can control the lighting, heating, ventilation, the modern media centre hidden inside the intermediate wall and the security system with my iPad,” Anttila says.

A bright and open space

In the beginning of January Tapio started to plaster and paint the walls of his future home. He and his wife easily reached an understanding about the interior materials to be used.

“The interior will be open, light-coloured and bright. The main level floors will be made of birch parquet, and the bathroom will be fitted with large, 60x60 cm tiling. The upstairs floor will be made of thick pine planks without insulation.”

Anttila plans to use Koskisen’s KOKOA interior products as an accent on the walls. In the bathroom he will test the panelling he designed for Koskisen, with an all-new planed profile.

All but two interior doors will slide inside the walls. There will be a 40-cm gap between the bathroom wall and the ceiling to underscore the open feel of the space. 
“When you are building for yourself, design issues become much more difficult. On the other hand, I have been able to test things out much more freely now,” Anttila points out.