KOKO house lives up to expectations

Living room at Tapio Anttila's KOKO house.

Living room at Tapio Anttila's KOKO house.

Interior architect Tapio Anttila’s KOKO house was completed in early April. Every aspect of the modern, spacious and bright home is just as the owners wanted.

The KOKO house was built fast, in only six months. According to Tapio Anttila, the house’s simple structure and few intermediate walls helped in sticking to the schedule. However, the budget was exceeded somewhat – mainly due to more expensive interior design solutions than planned.

- Besides, we had forgotten to include things like gutters and drain pipes in the budget altogether. On the other hand, the builder’s price estimate for the contract was totally accurate,” Anttila commends

A balance of dark and light

The interior of the loft-like KOKO house is graphically minimalist. The kitchen’s black-and-white theme is repeated in the living room, where the white walls and bright birch parquet flooring bring contrast to the dark sofa. Koskisen’s Kokoa interior panelling has been used in the living room’s accent walls and in the bedroom. Koskisen’ new planed panel profile has been used in the entrance area and the bathroom and may be officially launched in the near future.

Owing to the small number of intermediate walls, the house feels bigger than one would expect based on the floor area. The elegant and simple furniture makes the interior look as though it was taken directly from the pages of an interior decoration magazine.

Few houses can be said to be entirely the master’s brainchild, but when it comes to Anttila’s KOKO house, this is no overstatement. Anttila designed the KOKO house together with architect Hannu Tikka, and the furniture and lighting are also largely Anttila’s own designs.

- The design was inspired by the idea of a modern version of a 1950s wooden house, which is evident in the fireplace around which the ground floor was built. The space is ideal for an air-to-air heat pump, and the pump and fireplace heat up the entire house. Electric heating is hardly required at all, says a pleased Anttila.

Sauna warmed up every night

The Anttilas’ new house is located in a tranquil area north of the centre of Lahti, where they used to live, and the family loves it there.

- We didn’t have a sauna in our city flat, and now I have heated up the sauna every night. I think the sauna section as a whole is one of the best solutions in the house in terms of space use and functionality. There is no wasted space, yet it feels roomy and bright. The free-standing fireplace, which we decided to purchase right at the end of the project, brings a cosiness to the cooling room, and the backyard terrace is also just a few steps away, he says.

Room upstairs is spacious and bright.

Room upstairs is spacious and bright.