Herrala’s KOKO house revolutionises detached house building

View from backyard visualised KOKO house

View from backyard visualised KOKO house

S, M and L. Three house sizes and interior alternatives. The new collection of Herrala Houses offers builders a brand new solution for purchasing a home.

KOKO house has been designed by the top Finnish professionals, Architect Hannu Tikka and Interior Architect Tapio Anttila, they describe KOKO house as the future house collection suitable for a small plot and easily changeable to meet different needs.

- The smallest version of the collection is meant to be priced in a way that everyone can afford it. With a modular house the building of additional rooms is designed to be relatively affordable, says Anttila, who will start building a pilot KOKO house in Lahti during the spring.

According to the architects, the 80 - 200 square metre large KOKO house offers spacious loft- style space solutions, changeability, high rooms and cosy inner courtyards. This degree of changeability also extends to the utility areas -, it is possible to influence their size so that for example, in addition to garage and storeroom, a  sauna and bathroom could also be located there.

By combining different variations you can find a home that is always fit for you, saysKimmo Norojärvi, Director of Koskisen House Industry.

Small investment, own home

The basic idea behind KOKO house is that the initial investment for getting one’s hands on their own home is one of the smallest in the market. It is possible to expand the house with additional modules and an upper floor according to the size of the family and their financial situation.

KOKO house and its utility spaces are always placed on the plot in a way that they form a sheltered inner courtyard suitable for a patio, barbecue, children’s playground or hot tub.

- he inner spaces of KOKO house have been divided into modules falling into three different price categories. The modules are kitchen, bathroom, stairs, space dividers, fireplace and lighting. The customer can choose an option within each module that fits their budget, says Norojärvi.

The partners of the collection, e.g. Laattapiste, Tank space dividers, Isku kitchens and Uunisepät fireplaces, have been keen to co-operate in developing interior design alternatives.

Laattapiste Sales Manager Jan Saxén praises KOKO house collection as a bold move.

- am especially keen on the space solutions of the collection and the well outlined way of building. The modern human does not need to know how to build in order to make a home for their family as long as they let professionals take care of things. With the Herrala concept the costs will not rise sky-high and the builder still has a lot of alternatives from which to choose.

Deliveries start in the Summer

The collection received well-deserved attention and enquiries about delivery times when it was launched at the Olo.Muoto´10 fair at the Lahti fair centre in March.  KOKO house collection will also be presented at other building and renovation fairs during the spring.

According to Kimmo Norojärvi deliveries of the normal large-panel prefabricated house will start next summer depending on demand.

- The House industry takes care of erecting the the frame of the KOKO house, after which construction can be continued by the builder themself or with the help of Herrala houses’ partner network, concludes Norojärvi.

A living room in KOKO house

A living room in KOKO house