Herrala Houses’ partner network covers all construction services

The House Master of Herrala Houses, Petri Salminen

The House Master of Herrala Houses, Petri Salminen

Koskisen House Industry’s partner companies are the most reliable service providers in their field. The partner network is under construction in all of Herrala Houses’ market areas.

The partner network in the Uudenmaa region comprises over 50 companies covering all aspect of construction from the laying of foundations  to garden planning. The House Master of Herrala HousesPetri Salminen, says that the partner network offers the builder expert services for all phases of the build.

- If the builder needs for example a general superintendent or a carpenter for their project, they only have to call the house representative. The representative assesses the situation together with the builder and contacts a professional in the partner network.

If required, the house can be built as far as the turnkey phase with the help of the partners.

- Utilisation of the partner network is also a cost effective solution for the builder. If the builder has necessary skills for a particular aspect of the build then they  can do that themselves and hire a professional only for the jobs that they don’t have the skills for, clarifies Salminen.

Experienced professionals

At the moment Herrala Houses is establishing a partner network in the Lahti region. During the spring this will begin in Turku and Tampere as well. According to Petri Salminen there have been plenty of companies willing to be our partners. However, we only accept reliable and experienced companies into our network. 

- Even though Herrala Houses mediates the partners, they are responsible for the pricing for their own work. For the partners a job well done is the best marketing channel, because the grapevine works through Herrala to other builders, too.

The confidence Herrala Houses has for the partner network companies is high. That is reflected in the house being built at the housing fair in Kuopio and which is being constructed with the help of the partner network.

Partner network

Planning services

-         architect

-         prime design office

-         planning of heating, plumbing and ventilation

-         electrical planning

-         foundation planning

-         interior planning

-         garden planning 


-         earth constructing

-         soil testing

-         carpenters

-         screeding

-         floor concreting

-         heating engineers, plumbers, ventilation engineers  and electricians


-         cost estimates

-         fixtures and appliances

-         energy certificates

-         acquisition of bulk supplies

-         general superintendent

Light and spacious fair house, Valo

Light and spacious fair house, Valo